The Revolutionary Rotating Climbing System - for Adults and Children


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The Freedom Climber is a revolutionary rotating climbing wall that provides the physical challenges and the exercise benefits of continuous climbing and traversing in a safe, low level environment.

As well as the dynamic climbing experience, the Freedom Climber is now configured to integrate body weight training and resistance exercise for use in gym functional training zones. By adding TRX and resistance band attachment points it becomes a fitness station for countless functional training exercises. These can be incorporated into Personal Training sessions or group functional training classes.

The Freedom Climber is ideal for kids fitness and for use in kids interactive zones, providing a safe, fun and space efficient climbing experience without the need for ropes, harnesses and helmets.

The Freedom Climber is also a perfect piece of fitness equipment for health and fitness clubs, local authority leisure centres, schools and colleges. If you have a spare wall you can easily install a Freedom Climber as it only extends out 8 inches and can be mounted under a 8 foot ceiling height!

Climbing is a fantastic total body workout using upper body, lower body and core muscle groups. It also requires balance, flexibility, strength, hand eye coordination and improves stamina and cardiovascular conditioning.

As climbing becomes a more and more popular, adults and children alike are benefiting from this great recreational activity and the Freedom Climber now offers facilities the opportunity to install a real climbing experience in a simple and safe system.

Without the risk of falling from dangerous heights, the Freedom Climber's unique rotating climbing surface has 36 hand holds which rotates silently clockwise or anti-clockwise, keeping the climber close to the floor.

It’s unique wall mounted design avoids the need for high ceilings, using minimal floor space and requires no supervision, no electricity, making it suitable for all types of education, leisure and recreational facilities. 



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