Functional Climbing Trainer for Gyms, Health Clubs & Leisure Centres

“Be different and create a real WOW factor in your facility”


Double Integrated System-Consisting of 2 Freedom Climber with central Functional Training Panel Comes with optional – TRX suspension style and stretch band attachment points Full functional training exercise programme for individual, group or class exercise sessions Exercises can be climbing or non climbing, by using the Freedom Climber as a fitness wall station Digital Display unit records Time, Distance and Calories burned

Perfect for functional training areas, it will fit to most walls under a normal ceiling height without taking up valuable floor space. Climbing offers a fantastic total body and core muscle workout in a time efficient exercise. An exciting and fun alternative to the traditional gym equipment. Members will love the challenge and the see rapid benefits to upper body toning.

Add to members programmes using the digital performance monitor or run timed climbing challenges as a group exercise. No supervision or special training needed with this safe, low level wall mounted system. Suitable for gym, studio and stretch areas. Great for kids club activity zones. Provides a great Total Body exercise, providing core muscle and stabiliser muscle development and excellent functional training. Upper and lower body strengthening, cardiovascular improvement, eye hand coordination, balance and flexibility.

Minimal maintenance with non powered system. Its patented hydraulic resistance system design means a with no service issues. Silent running.

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Functional Training Exercise Programme using the Freedom Climber with attachment package.

As featured in Men’s Health – magazine ‘New Fitness Trends’ Dec 2009 Gadget Show ‘Climbing Challenge’ featuring Suzy Perry Nov 2009 Health Club Management – Functional Training feature Nov 2010